It’s New, and It’s Getting Big. Come Explore Inside the Olympics.

At iCharts we’re always itching to showcase what iCharts does for marketers, publishers, journalists and freelance bloggers. Not in a features and benefits way, or through a tutorial video, but in a way that shows iCharts in-action, such as Inside the Olympics, to expose the bigger challenge we’re aiming to solve: how to share valuable information and stories in bite-size formats that are data driven. We believe at iCharts, that we’re on the path to solving that.

How Does iCharts Work?

Subscribers, free or paid, can create charts by syncing data sources to a cloud-based platform that enables real-time publishing with or without design elements, plus interactive features for extended in-chart data mining. Users can choose to share their charting masterpieces on a website, blog, social networks, or privately with peers and colleagues via .PDF or .PNG files.

Why Inside the Olympics?

The Olympics is a monumental event with a wide array of commentary and data that highlights factoids from past and present. Many will create and explore Olympic articles, photos and video content surrounding the event. But no one, to-date, has journaled an event via charts to quickly expose trending topics, while also documenting past and current events. iCharts aims to fill that gap, while showcasing to others how they too can create short format content with rich data and information to be shared, tweeted, pinned, blogged, curated for digital magazines, or embedded on a website without the extended effort of writing a traditional article, press release or blog post. 

Because iCharts’ platform is flexible to absorb big or small datasets, it makes it easy to chart news as-it-happens or showcase statistics from prior events. Most charts for “Inside the Olympics” are static stories pulled from data partners like Experian and open data sources such as Guardian Data. But real-time charts can also be applied with or without content licensing such as medal counts.

The application of this project is scalable across a wide array of other journalistic and marketing oriented projects. As long as the user is prepared with data sources (or free form fast facts), images to complement the story, marketable copy for the chart title and description, it is entirely feasible to replicate the approach for Inside the Olympics.  It also should take no longer than an hour to produce a single chart from initial data upload to publish and share.

To follow Inside the Olympics or to learn more about iCharts, please visit

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