The Evolution of Media

An article recently published by GigaOM caught our eye. It talked about media and disruption. And how formats - the way we tell stories - need to change. We couldn’t agree more.

“…the discussion that media theorist Jeff Jarvis and others have been having for some time now about how the news “story” needs to be blown up or dismantled, or at the very least re-thought. Since the way that news occurs and the ways in which information reaches us has been completely disrupted by the web and the democratization of distribution, the argument is that we need to have different models and formats for handling that information intelligently — whether it’s with tools like Storify or new ways of aggregating and filtering data in order to make it meaningful.”

How does this translate back to consumer and business behavior?

1.. We’re a Scanning Society and best remember news and information in visual formats. Why else have Flickr (the old) Instagram and Pinterest (the new) become so popular? Because we remember things best when set to sight, color and sound.

2. We are accustomed, even prefer, to digest and share information in bite-size formats (short form vs. long form). Pictures, memes, infographics and charts all factor into this choice of format (a.k.a. storytelling). All of these are easier to synthesize and share than a 1,000+ word article or white paper.

3. Marketers and publishers alike are shifting from an emphasis on Paid Media to Earned Media, realizing that trust - as a brand, as a news media outlet - stems from content with “soul” and original viral
elements (share-features) versus interruption-based marketing via paid channels.

How does iCharts respond to this? 

We already are by providing creative storytelling solutions to the marketers (Coca Cola), publishers (MarketWatch), market research firms (comScore) and educators.

Watch as we continue to innovate in a space that begs to be re-defined with new formats and new (visual) and data-driven marketing.

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