iCharts Launches Publish-to-ChartChannel For Subscribers

Sunnyvale, CA (October 25, 2021)

iCharts, Inc., a cloud-based interactive charting platform, launches a global stats and facts destination today crafted from over 16,000 public charts covering industry topics such as Business, Economy, Politics, Lifestyle, Entertainment and more.

The destination, ChartChannel, has been expanded to begin including user-generated public charts from subscribed users and partners such as Marketwatch, IDC and PeopleBrowsr. Public charts created on iCharts can be embedded on websites, shared on social networks, and now also posted to one of nine ChartChannel categories to be re-distributed, bookmarked or shared via RSS feeds. (Learn how now.)

“Providing Publish-to-ChartChannel provides a data sharing platform across thousands of iCharts users on a global scale,” says Seymour Duncker, CEO and Co-Founder of iCharts. “Making data-driven stories created by iCharts users more accessible to the public also invites the larger industry to consume and re-distribute charts much like a YouTube, Slideshare or Scoop.it application. Meanwhile, users and partners reap the benefits of additive brand exposure and incremental reach of their content.”

To view ChartChannel, please visit www.icharts.net/chartchannel. Or sign-up and browse the user guide for step-by-step instructions on how to participate. For partner or sponsorship inquiries, please contact iCharts to learn more.

About iCharts

iCharts is a cloud-based charting platform that enables publishers, marketers, market researchers and everyday consumers to visualize, share and socialize data. The iCharts is a code-free product, integrates with multiple data sources for real time publishing, and provides interactive features. Today iCharts has over 15,000 users including clients such as Coca Cola, IDC, Marketwatch, and NRF. To learn more, visit www.icharts.net.

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