1. Click the green button “Create New Chart” on Home page.
    2. Click “New Data Source” at right bottom of screen.
    3. Click “Upload Data Source” at bottom of screen.
    4. Select a properly formatted Excel or .CSV file.
    5. Click “Save” to save the data sheet.
    6. Select the type of Chart from the choices shown.
    7. “Data Columns” are shown in the right window.
    8. Click and drag the proper columns to X and Y axes.
    9. Resize your chart by dragging the corners.
    10. Change chart attributes like color, font etc.
    11. “Save” the chart.


                                          i.    New Empty Data Sheet – Displays an empty table.  Enter data into the cells.

                                         ii.    Upload Data From File – Dialog box is displayed. Select an Excel file to upload.

                                        iii.    Connect External Data Source on the Web:

    Type in the URL pointing to a CSV file on your private server.  

    Example: http://demo.ichartsbusiness.com/help/oilgold.csv

   The chart created with this data is always linked to this file on your server. 



                                          i.    Click on the colored box inside the Legend box. Select from Drop down Menu to change different attributes.

                                         ii.    Click inside the legend box and resize the box by dragging corners














          Image 1: Excel Format