How to add a Chart to a Wordpress blog?

You can easily add any iCharts to your WordPress blog by using our simple plugin. It can be downloaded at:

Once the plugin is properly installed and activated on your Wordpress site, you can quickly add any public iCharts to your posts. All you need is the chart's Public URL, which can be found inside the sharing options of that chart.

When viewing the chart within a webpage, click on the 'Share' option in the top left navigation. In the pop-up, copy the provided direct URL and choose one of the following quick methods:

Method 1:

Enter the iChart URL into a post and highlight it, click    in the editor menu.

Method 2:

Click in the editor menu.

Enter the copied iChart URL

Click Insert Chart

Method 3:

Enter [ichart url="{iChart URL}"] into your post.

Where {iChart URL} is replaced with an iChart URL.