How do I optimize the SEO of my web site with my chart?

Embed Code Basics

iCharts charts are unique in that the embed codes increase your web site visibility and search ranking when you add description content and tags to your chart in the studio. These keywords and tags are incorporated into the embed code. Here is an example of an embed code whose chart had tags and extra content (highlighted in yellow) were added to it during the creation stage in the studio:

<iframe src="" height="711" width="425" frameborder="0"><span>iChart: Time Spent Being Social</span><span>An incredible amount of time is spent on social networking sites. Facebook in particular has 93% of people engaged, spending 1 in 8 minutes of their time on it. 53.4 B minutes are estimated to be spent on Facebook by US internet users.</span><span>Facebook, social networks, time, consumption, charts, inographics</span><span>Powered By: <a href = "">iCharts | create, share, and embed interactive charts online</a></span></iframe>

How to Optimize Your SEO with iCharts

  1. To weave your SEO-optimizing keywords and search tags into the embed code of your chart, make full use of the  Description section located within the Format tab of the Chart ToolBox in your studio. Add a few lines of text within the Description field and include your keywords into the Search Tags field. The content in the description field will populate into the Info section of your chart (on the lower left corner). The search tags and your description information will  be integrated into your embed code so that your chart becomes searchable. Tip: Add your web site into the Description field. This will provide linkbacks to your site.

  1.  Select which category your chart belongs to. Once you publish your chart to grab the embed code for your own web site or blog, it will also be published to the iCharts ChartChannel for added exposure.

  1. You can also lead traffic to any of your web sites directly from the chart (Platinum users only).  Explicitly brand your chart with your authorship and hyperlink the authorship to anywhere on the web. Look to the bottom fields of your Description accordion to enter the author and the hyperlink. 


  1. You can also customize which URL will be shared by viewers via email or social network by entering it into your Public Chart Settings (Platinum users only). The default link will be your custom ChartChannel URL but you can update it with your blog post URL, for example. You can edit this in the studio (Studio > Share > Add to Website > Public Chart) or in the gallery (Gallery > Chart Name > Action > Add to Website > Public Chart). You may edit your Description content or search tags from the same window.

  1. All images and logos you upload  (Platinum users only) are also hyperlinkable.