How do I post my chart to my web site or blog?

All charts made with iCharts are embeddable objects. That means that the chart you created in the iCharts studio can be placed on your web site or blog. Follow these steps to place the chart on your web site:

  1. Save the chart and click on the Share menu and select Add to a Web Site.


  2. A pop window appears that displays the following three options:
    1. Personal Chart: This means that the chart has not yet been published to any web site, blog or the iCharts ChartChannel.
    2. Public Chart:  Choosing to make your chart public will generate an embed code for your chart that you can paste into your website or blog. It will simultaneously create a live URL link to your chart on the ChartChannel that you can use within emails, instant messaging or social sharing. 
    3. Private Chart (Charts Behind Firewalls and Paywalls): Your chart will not searchable on the web. It is embeddable on websites only have explicitly allowed (a domain lock exists on the websites you determine). The chart does not have its own URL on the iCharts portal. This option is only available in upgraded accounts.
  3. If you like the idea of having your chart proliferate throughout the web, select to have a Public Chart. Review your chart's description, search tags and ChartChannel category placement. Click Publish. You must click publish in order to post your chart to the Chartchannel and to generate an embed code for you to use on your web site or blog.

Copy the embed code, and paste the embed code in the desired location of your website or blog. 

  1. If exclusivity is the nature of your business (subscription-based information access, for example), then select to have a Chart Behind Firewalls and Paywalls. List the URLs that you want to restrict the display to. After entering at least one URL, the embed code will generate. Wait a moment or two for the embed to render. Copy it into your content management system.