How to I create my own templates?

You can create and save your own templates as a Platinum user only.

Step 1: Format Your Chart

Begin in the studio with an existing dataset, ideally one with several data series . Customize the following aspects of the chart:

  • Chart size
  • Chart Background
  • Chart Area Background
  • Horizontal and vertical axis formatting
  • Horizontal and vertical axis label formatting
  • Data series colors
  • Data value positioning and formatting
  • Data tip formatting
  • Grid formatting

To customize these aforementioned aspects of the chart, either click on the feature within the chart to open its respective accordion in the Chart ToolBox or go directly to the Format tab of the Chart ToolBox.

Step 2: Save Images to Your Template

If you have images you'd like to save to your template, go to the Image Manager (Logos and Images > Manage Images > Include in Template) and check off Include in Template.


Step 3: Save Your Design

When all of the formatting has been done and your images have been saved to the template, go to the Chart menu and select Save Design as Template.