How to load survey data into iCharts?

You can easily load raw respondent-level survey data into iCharts. It can be loaded using our very simple ‘codebook’ process via Excel, which allows for maximum flexibility regardless of what data collection tools you might be using internally.

The ‘codebook’ structure is very simple. It is an Excel file consisting of two tabs:

1.     ‘Codebook’ tab, which must contain the mapping of the variables. The purpose of this tab is to act as a data map for the file that is being loaded, specifying responses, grouping variables, or making recodes.

2.     ‘Surveydata’ tab, which contains all the actual data with individual questions responses. This can be directly exported or even simply copy/pasted into Excel.

The ‘Codebook’ is essentially a more flexible version of a data map or the Variables View in SPSS.  In this tab you can choose which questions/variables from your survey to load into iCharts, shorten any lengthy question or response text, and most importantly group variables.

Question Type #1: Single

Question Type #2: Matrix

In order to quickly get started with loading of your first survey data file, please feel free to download an example of an already completed ‘codebook’ for a simple Supermarket Satisfaction Survey. Use it as a template to prepare your own unique survey and you are ready to get started!

Download Codebook Example

Additional Notes

  • Make sure to retain the same spreadsheet structure, with the same 6 column headers.
  • Color coding or text formatting is not required, it is there simply to highlight differences between questions.