I have many charts - how do I organize them?

Organizing is a breeze in the iCharts gallery. The gallery is a a repository for charts that you have created, charts that have been clipped from other external sources or have been shared by your colleagues.  Just create folders in your gallery and add charts and datasets to them.  You can organize charts and datasets one by one or several at a time. 

  1. Create Folders:  Click the plus (+) sign located across from “My Folders.” Name your folder(s) and then hit Enter. 
  2. Add Charts or Datasets to Folders: Check off the chart or dataset you want to organize, then float your mouse over to the Action menu at the far right of the row, and select Move to Folder. Select an existing folder to file them away into.  You can also add more than one chart or dataset to a folder at a time. Check off all the charts or datasets you're organizing in the gallery, click on the drop down arrow next to the top left check box  and select Move to Folder. Note: Charts and datasets can only exist in one folder at a time. 
  3. Modify Folders:  Click on a folder you want to modify in the left pane.  Edit the name of your folder by clicking on the pencil icon. Delete your folders by clicking on the trash icon. Note: deleting a folder will delete the charts and data sets included in the folder.