What are the features of a public interactive chart?

  1. Live Chart: Let's say you already published your chart and 100 journalists and bloggers already grabbed the embed code and put it into their respective sites. But then you realized you made a minor error - a typo, or a data change that needs to be updated. Maybe new quarter data has arrived and you want to update your chart. Simply returning to the same chart in the studio and saving your changes will automatically update your chart in all of the places it has been published. That means your website and that of the 100 people who embedded your chart will always have the freshest information. 
  2. Embed Code: Each chart has an embed code which you and other people can copy and paste into your website or blog (accessed through the Share button).

  1. Social Sharing: If people happen upon your chart on the web, they can easily share it with their social networks (accessed through the Share button).


  1. Custom URL: Charts may also have unique URLs to blog posts, press releases or websites that the creators (Gold or Platinum users) want you and the people you share it to see for more information.

  1. Custom Authorships: Charts may also display its authorship on the bottom left corner. This may be hyperlinked for more information about the chart's creator. 

  1. Built in SEO: Public charts are searchable when you add description content and tags to your chart in the studio. These keywords and tags are incorporated into the embed code and will increase your website visibility and ranking. This will appear in the Info section of the chart (bottom left).

  1. Data Tips: Pop-ups display over your data when a mouse hovers over it, which provide detailed information about the data.

  2. Scrollbar: The scrollbar allows viewers to glide through large sets of data from left to right.

  3. Data Range Slider: Clicking and dragging either end of the scrollbar will enable you to expand or narrow your view.

  4. Showing and Hiding Data Series: Viewers can show or hide data series on your chart by clicking on the legend icons.