What are templates?

Each account comes geared up with a set of templates. Templates are meant to save you time by doing a lot of the smart and good-looking design decisions for you. The following elements of the chart are determined for you within a template:

  • Chart width and height

  • Chart background color

  • Horizontal and vertical axis formatting (line color, line thickness)

  • Horizontal and vertial axis label formatting (font color, font size)

  • Grid line colors and grid line thickness

  • Data tip font formatting

  • Data value font formatting

  • Data series colors

  • Chart title font formatting

  • Additional designs are included like colored borders or title banners are included in some templates

These formatting decisions are not fixed. You are encouraged to follow the design closely, but you are free to make adjustments after you've applied the template.  Use your Chart ToolBox to make minor formatting changes.

It is also possible to create your own custom template to match your personal aesthetics or that of your company. You can customize chart sizing, fonts, text and placements to meet these needs. This ability is available to our Platinum users.