What are the various ways of uploading data?

You have four different options for uploading your dataset.

  1. Excel Spreadsheet
  2. Google Spreadsheet
  3. Data API
  4. Create your own new dataset

For instructions on how to prepare and upload data, go here.

Our advanced package also support loading complex data such as survey data using the following options:

  1. Excel (with Codebook)
  2. Triple S v 2.0 (.zip)
  3. .iCh format (.zip)
  4. SPSS (.sav) - coming soon

iCharts also supports complex, hierarchical data with millions of records such as market intelligence data.

We will also launch a SurveyMonkey Data Loader (Gold and Platinum very soon that will allow users to load SurveyMonkey datasets right into their iCharts accounts and quickly create cross-tabulated charts straight from the data.