What is an embed code? Is it SEO optimized?

An embed code allows you to share rich content such as video, flash content and interactive charts on the web. For example, YouTube videos are easily shared between social media platforms by taking the embed codes of the video and pasting them to websites or blogs.

You can obtain the embed code of an interactive chart from the studio, the gallery and on the already embedded chart. You can then paste the embed code in your website or blog at a desired location. 

iCharts charts are unique in that the embed codes increase your website visibility and search ranking when you add description content and tags to your chart in the studio from the Chart ToolBox or in the Public Chart settings. 

These keywords and tags are incorporated into the embed code. Here is an example of an embed code whose chart had tags and extra content (highlighted in yellow) were added to it during the creation stage in the studio:

<iframe src='http://icharts.net/icharts/embed/O3PSyy4=' height='641' width='417' frameborder='0'>
<span>Chart:Historical Holiday Spending</span>
<span>Holiday retail sales this year are forecasted to increase 2.8 percent to $465.6 billion, according to National Retail Federation estimates. It quite a bit lower than the 5.2 percent increase retailers saw in 2010 but it remains to be a touch higher than the 10 year average holiday sales increase of 2.6 percent.</span>
<span>Tags: NRF, retail, holidays, spending, economy, shopping, charts, graphs, infographics</span>
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