What formatting options are available?

There are a number of formatting tools available to create unique charts.  The Chart Toolbox contains many items necessary for a visually pleasing customizable chart. Items can be modified by font, color, width, etc.

Examples include: 

  1. Horizontal Axis – measure axis, click on the data sets on the chart to change specific looks or click on the Horizontal Axis to change the entire look of your data series
  2. Vertical Axis – category axis
  3. Data Series  – set of values that will be on your chart and can be sorted in your measure or category axis
  4. Legend – is the key box for the measure axis, you can list more than one data series in the measure axis 
  5. Grid Lines – horizontal or vertical lines that fall behind your data set
  6. Data Values – actual values that are displayed inside or outside your chart
  7. Comment Text Formatting – text boxes used for commenting, you can attach comment boxes to desired data series
  8. Chart Area – the border that outlines your graphical data
  9. Background – border color that lies behind chart 

Highlighted features:

Change the look on your Horizontal axis, below we have clicked on a data column and changed the individual column color:

Check the "Show Data Values" to display data values in your chart:

Click the "Insert" tab and scroll down to the "Insert Image" option to display an image in your chart: