What if I just need to make a minor change to my data and I don't need to re-upload my Excel spreadsheet?

If you are working on a chart and find you have a minor change to make (a typo, for example), you don't have to upload your spreadsheet again to update your data.


  1. Click on the Data menu in your menu bar and select View Data to bring up the Data Editor. You may also find it by clicking in the View button beside the dataset name at the top right of the studio.
  2. If it is a text or numerical value you want to change, click into the cell you want to modify and enter the values it should be. To move to the next cell, hit enter.
  3. Click on Edit to delete rows or columns, set sort orders, update your percentage sign formatting, clear your data or transpose it (1). Refer to the Insert menu to add columns or rows (2). Click on the column header to rename it (3). If you have a spreadsheet you'd like to use, upload it (4). When you're finished editing, save your data; rename your chart from the save menu (5). 

    1. When you're finished, close out of your Data Editor to continue formatting or publishing your chart.