What is a Personal, Public, and Private chart?

A chart has three possible settings

  1. Personal Chart: A chart that has not been published to any web site or blog yet. No one can see this chart or search for it unless you have personally shared the chart with them.
  2. Public Chart:  Searchable on the web, embeddable and re-embeddable on a web site or blog, and owns a unique live URL on the iCharts ChartChannel.
  3. Private (Charts Behind Firewall & Paywalls): A Chart Behind Firewalls and Paywalls is one that is not searchable on the web, is embeddable on specific websites only (a domain lock exists on the websites you determine) and does not have its own URL on the iCharts portal. This option is only available in upgraded accounts.


A Few Note About Public Charts:

  1. If you change a Public Chart to Personal Chart, then all web sites where the chart has been embedded will display a message that the chart is not available for viewing. The chart is also deleted from the iCharts.net portal. 
  2. A Public Chart will automatically include the following elements:
    1. Share (top left) will allow chart viewers to share your chart via email, to their social network or to re-embed the chart on their own website or blog.
    2. Clip (top left) will allow viewers to collect your chart in their iCharts gallery.
    3. Views (top right) will display a real-time tally of the number of views that chart has been viewed throughout the web. 
    4. Info (bottom left) will display additional information about the chart.
    5. Chart Authorship (botton left) will display who the chart was created by (Platinum feature)
    6. A unique ChartChannel URL that is searchable on the web