What is a PowerChart?

A PowerChart has a series of filters with it which allow viewers to drill down your data.  You set which filters are visible or hidden from viewers in the studio. Click on the yellow filters below to explore.
PowerCharts can also hold multiple views within them. Views are a collection of filtered down snapshots of your data which provides viewers guided entry points into your insights. Click on the left and right arrows next to Chart Views on the top right to flip through some of these snapshots. Refer to the checkmarks on the yellow filters as a guide to which ones are being used. Click into them for more information.


PowerCharts are connected to your dataset at all times. Update your dataset or your chart and any changes to the base size, calculations, or even the spelling are reflected in the charts, wherever they exist online.

Chart: Supermarket Impression BreakdownDescription: DemoTags: Supermarket Survey, ABC Research, impressions, brandAuthor: ABC Researchcharts powered by iCharts