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icharts business service

Market Research Firms

iCharts helps market research firms:

  • Improve productivity and reduce lag time for client report production by quickly producing iCharts from raw survey data of any complexity
  • Avoid the hassle of creating cross-tabs or supplement your existing cross-tab solution
  • Deliver market research results faster via an online interactive report
  • Auto-populate PowerPoint slides with research results
  • Offer iCharts with built-in filters and allow customers to explore data and create their own views

Syndicated Research Firms

iCharts helps syndicated research firms:

  • Reduce report production resources by as much as 50%
  • Enrich syndicated offerings with interactive iCharts and iCharts with built-in filters
  • Offer self-service capabilities that allow users to explore data and create their own iCharts data views
  • Automatically update iCharts for tracking studies anywhere on the web
  • Quickly create and build online data services without development resources

Information Publishers and Online Media

iCharts helps information publishers and online media:

  • Create new revenue opportunities with premium interactive data services
  • Open new revenue streams by syndicating data to media sites
  • Allow self-service users to visually explore data and create customized iChart views
  • Reuse interactive iCharts to enrich online editorials, articles and blogs
  • Accelerate time to market for project implementation and rollout within 4-6 weeks


iCharts helps corporations:

  • Provide interactive access to syndicated data sources
  • Make it easy for executives, managers and business users to visually identify business trends and make timely decisions
  • Share results of research (e.g. customer satisfaction surveys) across all departments
  • Accelerate time to market for data projects by as much as 80%
  • No software to purchase; no development resources required


iCharts helps associations:

  • Offer interactive iCharts in the online research and statistics sections
  • Expand the audience for your data by allowing journalists, bloggers and industry pundits to re-embed iCharts
  • Automatically update iCharts on the web when new data is available
  • Build new data services around premium content
  • Significantly improve productivity by creating charts from raw survey data provided by the research vendor

Investor Relations Services

iCharts helps investor relations services:

  • Improve service to investors by publishing financial data in re-usable interactive iCharts on the IR web site
  • Update iCharts on IR web site automatically when new data is available
  • IR providers can effortlessly custom brand charts with clients' corporate identity
  • Allow investors, journalists and media to easily re-use iCharts in presentations, articles and blogs

Government Statistics Departments and Institutes

iCharts helps government statistics departments and institutes:

  • Increase information transparency by providing data in easy-to-view iCharts
  • Make public information accessible to a wide range of audiences, including journalists
  • Enable easy re-use of iCharts by journalists, policy makers, research organizations, educational institutes
  • Accelerate time-to-market for online data delivery tools
  • Automatically update iCharts when new data is available

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