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Learn more about how iCharts makes it fast, interactive and easy to share data.

Chart types
Standard Charts
  • Are you an Excel or Google Spreadsheets charter?
  • Now you can create bar, pie or line graphs with style and social sharing features.
  • Choose from over 15 design templates and interactive features to help your (data) story shine on a blog, website, e-book, white paper or press release.
  • Are you a SurveyMonkey user?
  • Get the sizzle of Standard charts, but with survey data. Cross-tab, add in-chart filters and more to extend the value of your survey.
Branded Charts
  • Need to personalize your chart?
  • Data is data. But data with branding – images, visualizations, a company logo – that perfectly represents your brand is priceless.
  • Test drive branded iCharts to increase brand awareness and online reach of your chart.
  • Have multiple charts to present and share in an interactive format?
  • Aggregate your favorite iCharts, brand them, make them interactive and post them in a flipbook format. Also share with other iCharts users or via link (coming soon!).