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Learn more about how iCharts makes it fast, interactive and easy to share data.

Data Loader
Manual Entry
  • Have cool factoids or a simple survey summary to drop into a chart?
  • Select any iCharts plan and let our iCharts Wizard create a chart without loading any files.
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Excel Data
  • Just love using Excel for your data collection needs?
  • Upload an Excel file to create a Standard Chart, Branded Chart or ChartBook. Data files can be updated to refresh charts in real-time, keeping your (data) story always current.
Google Spreadsheet Data
  • Are you a Google Docs fanatic?
  • We’ve got something for you too. Copy/paste your spreadsheet links to create Standard Charts, Branded Charts and Chart Books. Update your charts in real-time with any spreadsheet refresh.
Survey Data
  • Running, analyzing and sharing survey data?
  • iCharts’ core competency is survey data processing. Take advantage of SPSS data loaders for Enterprise or summarized Excel files for Gold and Platinum users to allow real-time data refreshes and social sharing tools to distribute your best findings in minutes.
Data Connectors
  • Need to connect to an internal database or API for real-time data sharing?
    With a little developer support, connect iCharts to your database and display insights on the web.
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