iCharts is a cloud-based charting tool that makes it easy to visualize, share and distribute data. It accelerates data-driven storytelling with interactive charts for publishers, marketers, journalists, bloggers, and market researchers. The iCharts community today is over 15,000 strong including users such as Coca Cola, IDC, Marketwatch, Focus Online and NRF.



Seymour Duncker Polaroid

Seymour Duncker

CEO & Founder

Seymour, founder and CEO of iCharts, is the product visionary with a knack for pioneering new markets as they are shaping. Seymour has always been intrigued by data insights and the process of how those get distributed. Seymour got his degree in Business and Computer Sciences at the University of Passau in Germany. Prior to iCharts he helped the board of SAP drive their long-term product strategy and annual R&D budget allocation. Prior to SAP he was involved in two start-ups in the early CRM and SaaS spaces. Seymour also built his own consulting firm facilitating M&A transactions between Germany and India.

In 2009, after successfully launching iCharts at TechCrunch in September 2008, Seymour decided to take the big leap of faith and moved to Silicon Valley with his wife and three children. When not working (which hardly ever happens) he loves to spend time with his family hiking, biking or skiing. Seymour is deeply fascinated about everything that flows - energy, the ocean and, of course, data on the web.


Polaroid Deepak Deolalikar

Deepak Deolalikar

VP Products and Business Partnerships

Deepak is Head of Products, and is responsible for the overall product strategy, design and development. He's completed his MBA at Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley and Columbia University, New York. He also majored in Computer Science for his undergraduate studies at MS University, India. Deepak joined iCharts at a very early stage and was instrumental in customer development.  Prior to iCharts, Prior to iCharts, Deepak worked as a Consultant at KPMG/BearingPoint and Capgemini.

When not thinking about iCharts, Deepak spends time with his family and enjoys hiking, biking, visiting museums or anything else that is fun or informative. Deepak's main interest is in music. He has a vast collection of older Bollywood songs. He also likes to read history, especially Renaissance and Industrial Revolution. The one historical person he would love to meet is Benjamin Franklin, a highly prolific individual.


Polaroid Hans-Bernd Dreis

Hans-Bernd Dreis

VP, Data Visualization and Special Projects

Hans-Bernd has always been passionate about data visualization. Hans-Bernd brings over 15 years experience in engineering, data analysis and software development. Before joining iCharts Hans-Bernd worked for SAP AG, DESY and CERN. Hans-Bernd has run a small media company and is an active artist.


Polaroid Jeff Greenberg

Jeff Greenberg

Executive Advisor

Jeff is an advisor to iCharts, focusing on strategy and business development. He currently runs his own consulting firm, assisting start-up and mid-sized companies develop their strategic positioning, raise funds, and create sales and business development traction. Most recently, Jeff was President at MarketTools, and before that CEO at Vividence and ShoppingList. The bulk of Jeff's career was at Information Resources (IRI), which he joined as a startup and left as President of a $500M company. Besides start-ups, Jeff's other passion is travel, where he spends as much time planning as actually going on trips, having become a travel agent in his spare time.


Rajesh Setty Polaroid

Rajesh Setty


Rajesh is the co-founder and “Chief Relationship Officer” of the company. Raj’s role is to build and nurture the right relationships for iCharts across its ecosystem. He is responsible for evangelizing and building thought leadership for the company. Raj is a serial entrepreneur and serves on the boards of multiple companies in US and India. Rajesh has published ten books so far with his first book published when he was thirteen years old. You can follow him on his blog, Twitter, Facebook or on Meylah.

When he is not working, he enjoys movies, music, writing fiction and non-fiction and meeting his friends.



Tyron Montgomery


Oscar-winning film maker, award-winning Internet & media expert, technical innovator, co-founder and advisor to iCharts.

Tyron helped Seymour set up the company initially and saw iCharts off to a successful launch at TechCrunch. Tyron is the "bird's eye" on iCharts, guiding the company on all things design and user experience.


Girish Karachiwala

Head of Engineering

Girish is the Chief Architect of iCharts. Girish is passionate about creating simple technology solutions to most complex business problems. In his 12 years of experience in information technology, Girish has provided his technical expertise to enterprise level technical solutions for various business domains including pharmaceutical, banking and finance, securities, insurance, customer relationship management, mortgage, social networking and statistical data management, across India, Europe and US of A. His other passion is creating and mentoring high performance technical teams.


Michelle Fitzgerald

Director of Marketing

Michelle Fitzgerald is iCharts' Director of Marketing. She has over ten years of experience in high-tech start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. Michelle’s past experience includes product marketing at Zinio, Yahoo!, Los Angeles Times and CareerBuilder.com. She is passionate about and inspired by freak economics, food, writing, travel, languages and architectural design that bridges people and cultures.


Jackie Antig

Digital Marketing & Product Specialist

Jackie has her BA in Economics as well as in Art and an MBA in Marketing at the Mills College Lorry I. Lokey Graduate School of Business. You can find her anywhere in iCharts where data and design meet. She gets her hands dirty in product development, digital marketing initiatives, and chart content production for the ChartChannel.

She used to commute 5 hours a day to and from the iCharts office and is now commuting from much further away. Being in Melbourne, Australia puts her 8,000 miles away and 18 hours ahead of her bright, idea-driven colleagues.

She loves heavy comfort food that makes her sleepy and natural landscapes that bring her awe. She keeps from crying in a movie during a touching or heartbreaking moment by making herself laugh just a moment shy of when tears might start streaming down her face. In her own time, she is exploring with the ways in which museums use technology to make her effectively and creatively think differently about herself, our interconnectedness and the greater world.


Artem Yermanov

Product Specialist

Artem is the multi-tasking Product Specialist at iCharts. He joined the company in Fall of 2009 and has since been extremely enthusiastic about helping make data more visually engaging and social in nature. Artem graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz. Before joining iCharts, he worked at eBay and Northwestern Mutual Financial Network.

Artem grew up in Russia and speaks the language fluently. When he is not busy trying to get everyone in the office to refer to him as chArtem, he enjoys traveling, eating zesty foods, playing soccer, and attending music festivals. Artem believes that Arrested Development is the best comedy series ever made.


Valerie Duncker

Finance Specialist

Valerie runs finance operations at iCharts. Her last big job before she was involved in building up her own PR consulting and retail business in Germany, was PR & Communications Project Leader in the aerospace industry at Eurofighter in Munich, Germany, being responsible for a $1.6 million Advertising & PR budget. Before that, Valerie was Head of Marketing/PR for an architectural & engineering firm in Munich, Germany.


Camila De Godoy

Office Manager

With an extensive background as an Executive Assistant and in Office Management, Camila brings many years of administrative experience to iCharts. She has an deep understanding of what it takes to manage a fast-paced and growing organization like iCharts. Prior to  iCharts, she was the Office Manager for a cutting-edge medical practice in Los Gatos, CA. Camila has a great understanding of what it takes to be organized in order to capture the highest level of efficiency and customer service. In Camila's off time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two children.