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iCharts Live Webinar on Automating Results from Tracking Studies - Feb 3, 2011

Thursday, Feb 3, 2011 2.00 - 3.00 PM EST / 11am - Noon PST

Live Webinar - Automating Results from Tracking Studies

Featured Speaker
Dana Stanley, VP of Industry Sales, iCharts

In this one-hour webinar, Dana Stanley, VP of Industry Sales at iCharts will show you how to automate and streamline reporting for tracking studies

You will learn how to:

  • Provide results from tracking studies in Visual Interactive Reports
  • Incorporate Charts, Narratives, Images and Audio in your online deliverables
  • Easily create multiple versions of reports e.g. Report by Department or Location
  • Download each version of Interactive Report to PPT
  • Add new waves to existing data set
  • Create charts to show trend by period or comparison with prior periods
  • Automatically update reports with new waves of data
  • Accommodate new or modified variables in subsequent waves
  • Give report viewers easy and secured access to customized data views allowing visual filtering and crosstabbing within the chart itself

Do it all easily with no programming knowledge.

Newsletter for December 2010

Hope you had a great year and are getting ready for the holiday season. First, a quick introduction: My name is Rajesh Setty and I am a co-founder and serve as the CMO at iCharts.

Believe it or not, this is our very first newsletter. I want to start off by thanking all of you for your business. You collectively are what make our business tick. Some of you have prodded us gently that you need to hear from us about product updates, what’s coming up and what’s exciting here. This newsletter is one of our attempts to do just that.

There have been a lot of exciting changes in our business and our product over the last few months and we wanted to bring you up to date on some of our most important changes.

In this newsletter, we will cover four things:

1. Product Update: iCharts Adds Comprehensive Support for Survey Data
2. Product Update: Built-in Data Filters in PowerCharts
3. New Website Launched
4. Company News: Anil Jwalanna joins iCharts as our CTO

1. iCharts Adds Comprehensive Support for Survey Data

iCharts has just released a new suite of features that provide comprehensive support for survey data building on our support for complex tabular data.

With these new capabilities, iCharts can process all kinds of survey from simple surveys to large complex surveys. iCharts now supports all standard survey questions including Likert scale, Forced Ranking, Multi Select, and Semantic. Our Zero aggregation engine automatically understands survey structures and automatically processes data without the need to create cross tab tables.

iCharts now automatically supports large tracking survey by updating charts automatically whenever new data is added, significantly reducing the time required to product reports. Powercharts for tracking surveys remain connected to their data sources. When the data is updated, the charts are updated to reflect the most recent results and the base size is automatically re-calculated.

This feature allows syndicated research firms to offer online visual reports to their clients research data, that have been traditionally limited to PDF reports or Excel based pivot tables.

Additional survey features include:

  • Support all survey types including market research surveys, customer satisfaction surveys and employee satisfaction surveys.
  • Automatic calculation of base sizes or base range
  • Base size threshold warnings
  • Recode open ends or categories lists
  • Support 2D or 3D grid (side by side matrix)
  • Multiple weight specification

2. Built-in Data Filters in Powercharts

iCharts now supports data filters within charts. For example, if you have a chart that shows satisfaction ratings across categories, you can select from a range of data filters such as gender, geography. If end clients are curious about specific data within a chart, you can allow them to explore the data within the chart using pre-set filters without having to request additional analysis.

This new feature is part of our standard feature set, so you don’t need any programming or software development resources. Simply choose the filters you want in iCharts Studio and save the chart as a Powerchart. You can hide some filters if they are not applicable. For example, you may want to be able to create specific charts by country, but prevent your clients from selecting country filters. In the studio, simply select the country for which you want to create the chart and select the option to hide the filter.

For more information on these features, or for a detailed demo please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or to contact one of our customer executives – Dana Stanley, Deepak Deolalikar (in US) or Yorck von Obernitz (in Europe).

3. New Website Launched

I am excited to announce the launch of our new website today. A few quick things to notice in our new website:

Positioning: Our offerings are now packaged and highlighted right from the home page - leading to Visual Interactive Reports which acts as the landing page for our three offers.

Integrated ChartChannels: The old blog will be rolled into newly designed ChartChannel. This will be expanded with content from our partners and customers.

Updated News Section: The news section is beefed up now. The latest news item as you can see is a TV interview of Seymour Duncker.

Integrated Social Media: We have integrated social media to include links to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

We will be evolving and enriching this website as we go along.

We are interested in your comments and feedback. Please take a look around the new site and let us know what you think.

4. Company News: Anil Jwalanna joins as our CTO

iCharts recently hired Anil Jwalanna as its Chief Technology Officer. Anil will be overseeing a significant expansion of our backend infrastructure to make sure we continue to maintain and exceed performance expectations with the dramatic increase in the number of datasets that we will be supporting in the next few years.

Anil has nineteen years of technology experience devoted to helping companies competitively leverage technology. His most recent position was Assistant Vice President of Enterprise Architecture and IT Application Services for Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company, an Allianz Company. Allianz is one of the largest insurance groups in the world. During his tenure at Fireman’s Fund, he was responsible for strategic architecture and led several critical strategic initiatives including a data strategy program, SOA competency centers for BRMS, BPM, content management and data governance. He has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Mysore University, India, and jointly earned MBAs from UC Berkeley and Columbia Schools of Business.

Anil is excited about joining iChart and notes; “iCharts will allow me to make extensive use of my technical knowledge and entrepreneurial expertise, and I look forward to becoming part of iCharts’ impressive leadership team. Today, market research data is a treasure trove of business and competitive information, but most people are unable to access it easily. iCharts can act as a window into that data and help business leaders quickly focus on the data they need to drive their businesses more effectively. I am excited about my role at iCharts as we help customers unlock the value of data and transform that information into strategic business insights,” said Jwalanna.

On behalf of the entire team here at iCharts, we want to thank you for your ongoing support. If you have any comments or feedback please don’t hesitate to reach out to any of us.

iCharts Live Webinar - Dec 2010

Thursday, Dec 16, 2010 2.00 - 3.00 PM EST / 11am - Noon PST

Live Webinar - iCharts Visual Interactive Reports

Featured Speaker
Dana Stanley, VP of Industry Sales, iCharts

In this one-hour webinar, Dana Stanley, VP of Industry Sales at iCharts will show you how can benefit by creating Visual Interactive Reports.

You will learn how to:

  • Give report viewers easy and secured access to customized data views allowing visual filtering and crosstabbing within the chart itself
  • Reduce errors because the reports are connected to the underlying data.
  • Go directly from data to charts without having to crosstabulate as a middle step or export the data
  • Easily make changes to the report without having to email out a new file or link.
  • Provide interactive charts, interactive tables, graphics, text and audio.
  • Automatically update reports with new data, including tracking studies.
  • Organize and explore large numbers of research data sets across the organization.
  • Do it all easily with no programming knowledge.

Seymour Duncker talks about building a lean startup

Seymour Duncker was interviewed by Steve Piazzale for a 30-minute TV show called “You’re Hired!”

In this interview, Seymour talks about his new book #LEANSTARTUPtweet (foreword by Eric Ries) and also shares his experience of building a Lean Startup

Here is the interview in three parts:

Part 1 of 3

Part 2 of 3

Part 3 of 3

PC Worlds: Grant Gross interviews iCharts CEO Seymour Duncker

Grant Gross looks companies and services using the Obama administrations Open Government initiative to turn raw government data into more interesting and usable visual formats. He covers several products and services, including iCharts that are taking raw data released on to demonstrate the power of their data publishing services.

Gross links to an interactive chart on U.S.GDP to illustrate iCharts data publishing tools.

The link to this article is here:

Companies Offer Services to Crunch Government Raw Data

GigaOm: Stacy Higginbotham uses NVCA data to cover M&A activity with tech start-ups

Stacy Higginbotham at GigaOm talks about many technology companies have surplus cash because of all the cost cuts in the last few years. She postulates that this has fueled a lot of M&A activity in the recent past.

Higginbotham uses a couple of iCharts-powered Interactive charts released by NVCA in her story.

Here is the link to the story on GigaOm

Buy, Buy, Baby: Tech Firms Snap up Startups for Growth

Practical eCommerce: iCharts used in article on the most popular search terms in the shopping category

The Practical eCommerce staff uses Google Insights for Search data and iCharts to compare the relative popularity of the most popular shopping search terms for the last twelve months to help marketers track consumer trends and predict which keywords will be popular in the coming year.

The link to this article is here:

Practical eCommerce: Chart of the Week - Most popular search terms

New York Times Bit Blog: Coverage of NVCA Q3 data

Claire Cain Miller puts recent IPO activity of tech starts-ups in perspective iCharts from of NVCA exit data. Ms. Miller illustrates the change in acquisition value for M&A activity over time and discusses the market implications for start-ups and the venture capital industry.

The link to this article is here:

No recovery in IPOs yet Kevin Woo interviews iCharts CEO, Seymour Duncker, on working with angel investors

Kevin Woo defines how angel investors work with start-ups and interviews several start-up CEOs to provide advice and tips on working different types of angel investors. Woo includes cautionary tales and makes suggestions for start-up board composition.

The link to this article is here:

Don’t Let Angel Investors Bedevil You

TechCrunch: Erick Schonfeld writes about Q2 NVCA data

Erick Schonfeld covers venture capital funds as an asset class and compares the capital flowing into VC funds using NVCA data in iChart format. He reviews both the dollar value of total funds raised and the total number of funds using to illustrate his point.

The link to this article is here:

The Squeeze Continues: Venture Fundraising Shrinks 82 Percent in Second Quarter

Business Insider: The Internet’s explosive growth is over

Carlson and Angelova combine an interactive chart with data from Parks Associates and InternetWorldStats to compare year over year U.S. broadband growth with U.S. broadband subscriptions in one of Business Insider’s popular Chart of the Day features. The article includes an anonymous VC comment that compares investing in the internet with “investing in cement”.

The link to this article is here:

CHART OF THE DAY: Why Investing In the Internet is Like Investing In the Cement Business

New York Times Bits Blog: Claire Cain Miller covers Q1 NVCA venture capital data

Claire Cain Miller writes about the ‘IPO drought’ and uses an iChart on quarterly M&A deal sizes from NVCA data to illustrate the falling prices companies are paying for start ups. She uses quotes from Mark Heesen, president of the National Venture Capital Association and iCharts to drive home the dramatic changes in the exits market for start- ups and venture capital firms.

The link to this story is here:

Sales of Start-ups Plummet Along with Prices

Infectious Greed: Blogger Paul Kedrosky uses iCharts to discuss U.S. Savings rates

Blogger Paul Kedrosky posts an interactive chart on his blog to help readers visualize how the U.S. savings rate has fallen over the previous twelve months.

See this interactive chart here:

U.S. Savings Over Time

TechCrunch: NVCA interactive charts covered in post on liquidity for VC-Backed startups

Schonfeld dissects the dramatic drop in investment dollars as VCs tighten their purse strings using NVCA data in an interactive chart. He also compares investments in specific industry segments including internet and clean tech using iCharts to drive home the market changes.

The link to this article is here:

VC Dollars Dropped 33 Percent in the Fourth Quarter, Down 8 Percent for All 2008

San Francisco Chronicle: Two Startups on Track to Win Best in Show

Verne Kopytoff from San Francisco Chronicle picked iCharts and FitBit as two companies that were poised to win the coveted top prize at the TechCrunch50 show.

Here is the link to the article:

San Francisco Chronicle: Two Startups on Track to Win the Best-in-Show

While neither of the companies (iCharts or FitBit) mentioned did not win the top prize, we are honored that we were picked by Verne. Thanks.

TechCrunch: Video of iCharts presentation at TC50

iCharts was one of the 50 companies that was selected to launch at the prestigious TechCrunch50 conference in San Francisco in 2008. Seymour Duncker and Tyron Montgomery, co-founders of iCharts presented at the conference.

You can see the coverage (with comments from the panel of judges) here:

TC50: iCharts Wants to be the YouTube for Charts

You can also view the entire presentation on this video

Seymour Duncker presenting iCharts at TechCrunch50

Note: Our business model has changed; please see our product page for more details.

Photo Courtesy: TechCrunch